Bamford Rose Sports Exhaust System

The OEM exhaust manifold fitted to both 4.3 and 4.7L V8 Vantage is horrifically gas-flow restrictive, thus performance zapping, in most part due to the OEM manifold being ‘made to a price’.

The handmade Bamford Rose sports exhaust package recovers the performance loss introduced by the compromised OEM part, delivering an improvement of approx. 40BHP (see exactly how each V8 Vantage derivative is improved by viewing the performance data to the right), and an engine which pulls considerably stronger all the way to the redline.

Bamford Rose has achieved substantial performance gains by paying meticulous attention to design and manufacture detail, the standard 4-2-1 production part has been significantly improved by introducing;

  • Tuned equal length primary pipes of 4-1 construction
  • Bespoke Bamford Rose designed sequential collector cone which enables uncompromised exhaust gas scavenging
  • 2mm gauge 316 grade stainless steel pipework
  • Lazer cut flanges
  • 200 cell density sports catalysts
  • All joints and bends fully purge welded
    (a gas is used to protect the weld seam until it has cooled to the point that oxidation does not occur, thus prevents cracking, corrosion and deformation)

The complete exhaust system has been arduously durability tested around the world famous Millbrook proving ground circuit under a thermal cycle which would accelerate the onset of any potential error state modes such as cracking. The durability concept has been further proven under road mileage accumulation tests for driveability where city driving, motorway cruising or spirited country lane driving have all been tested to make certain no error state driveability modes are present.

Not just does the system enable flywheel performance, it reduces weight by 18kilos too.

Fitted price including 3-way exhaust control valve switch, ECU remap, all required gaskets, consumables and inclusive VAT = £5700.00