Bamford Rose specialist car sales

The Bamford Rose pre purchase inspection has long been and continues to be the sought after authority to advise prospective new owners if their intended purchase meets the required standard, no matter the credentials of who the vendor is.

Only a car inspected against and meets the only standard that counts is good enough, gaining ‘Bamford Rose Assured’ is the unrivalled and respected stamp the informed seek out to quality check their Aston dream.

No matter the amount of valet preparation or hype at point of sale, an alarming number of cars follow a disappointing process – the car is acquired on a trade-in, it gets a safety check, it’s polished, it’s parked on the forecourt at considerable mark-up for the vendor doing, well, not a lot other than making the new buyer find out for him or herself any hidden surprises which ruin the honeymoon period of ownership. Then of course the vendor wishes the sparse warranty cover he provided doesn’t cover what the owner hoped it would, meaning the owner foots the bill for the lack of care at preparation of car stage prior to sale. Of course, whilst there are success stories of happy buyers and good vendors, it is a market of buyer beware, especially now the new era range of cars are becoming older.

Bamford Rose seeks to correct that scenario by making sure cars that don’t quite live up to the dream, don’t figure in the dream – period.

We achieve that by first and foremost being design and development engineers meaning that only prefect is good enough.

Bamford Rose specialise in the sale of pre 2009 V8 Vantage, DB9, any classic Vanquish and DB7. We carefully buy cars which already have good pedigree, we then conduct our very strict pre purchase inspection then prepare and correct any care points meaning the car is only passed to sale if faultless and flawless. We then give a quality minimum 12 month warranty to every car we sell.

Simply put, Bamford Rose puts your dream on your driveway without risk of a nightmare.

However, cars will be, well, cars. If a glitch occurs within warranty coverage that requires a tweak, we will collect your car and administer all remedial works. Our goal is to give a reassuring hug at point of sale and continue that hug in aftersales care to all customers who buy from us. Meaning that your dream car is indeed a dream, and the purchase and ownership experience Bamford Rose provides keeps that dream alive through the entire period of ownership.

Opposite is a summary of the dreams we currently have in stock, should you want a change of dream, Bamford Rose is always ready to purchase your old dream from you and prepare for the next lucky owner.

Bamford Rose puts your dream on your driveway with the best coverage, market leading, 12 month warranty policy to keep the dream of Aston ownership a sweet one. Warranty wise logo

Bamford Rose is proud to offer 12 months platinum Warrantywise cover with each car we carefully select for sale. In the unlikely event of a tweak needing to be made, you can of course have the repair carried out at any garage Warrantywise approve. But we are naturally the best specialist outfit to repair your Aston Martin car and should the need arise, we will collect your car free of charge to put right under the terms of the warranty coverage.

Bamford Rose puts your dream on your driveway