The Services We Provide

Bamford Rose draws upon specialist knowledge of Aston Martin N24 race cars, in addition to five years of dedicated service to road car repair, servicing, bespoke power and dynamic performance upgrades and improvements.

As such, we offer an unrivalled range of specialist Aston Martin services.

An independent Aston Martin service agent

We offer full repair and service capability to Aston Martin models from Bloxham DB7 and Newport Pagnell Vanquish through to present day V8 Vantage and DB9/DBS/V12V models. Learn more in our Service section.

Take your Aston to the next level

We can help you evolve your Aston Martin road car engine, transmission, chassis, suspension, braking, aerodynamics and interior to deliver the car of your dreams.

For instance, imagine a 2006 DB9 Volante able to handle as crisply as a Coupe and producing the same power as a current V12 Vantage S. Or how about intelligent upgrades for a V8 Vantage, such as a single plate clutch upgrade to twinplate and a reprogram of the Sportshift control system to return an inspired drive.

Real driving value

Bamford Rose engineered products add value and increase driving pleasure. Plus they have been robustly engineered way beyond the capability of the competition, who whilst continually aspire to meet our engineering values, will never achieve that pinnacle. Learn more in our Road Car Upgrade section.

Racing excellence

We prepare Aston Martin racing cars to the highest standard. No other independent preparer can boast similar successes and credentials. For N24 race cars we provide race car servicing, performance evolution, race engineer set-up and data analysis support and full vehicle builds. Learn more in our Racing section.